How Does A Pediatric Dentist Differ From Other Types of Dentists

Pediatric dentists studied for 4 years in dental school and also had additional 2 years training in residency, specializing in infants, children and teens, and also children who have special needs. They offer different treatment options and oral health care services that include the following.

* Oral health exams for infants and children, including assessing the risk for caries. Dental caries are what we commonly know as cavities, characterized by erosion in tooth surface due to acids, bacteria, tartar and plaques which result when there is poor dental hygiene,

* Counseling about infants’ habits of thumb-sucking and use of pacifier,

* Orthodontics, or treatment of an improper bite,

* Preventive dental care like fluoride treatments and cleaning. A pediatric dentist may also recommend proper diet and nutrition for healthy teeth development,

* Diagnosis of disease-related oral conditions such as congenital heart disease, diabetes, hay fever, asthma, and others,

* Gum diseases management, and

* Care and treatment of dental injuries such as knocked out teeth, and also fractured or misplaced teeth.

Your pediatrician may suggest at some point that your kid have a dental exam. This should not be cause for anxiety, either to you or your child. Because beyond their dental know-how, pediatric dentists are experts in interacting with children. This is very important, especially for kids who have dental anxiety or will be making their first dental visit. Children will be made more comfortable and at ease when the office is designed and equipped with kid-related things, such as attractive pictures on the walls of the office and toys, goodie bars, pillows and blankets. It is a totally kid-friendly office of a dentist.

Pediatric dentists are easy to find. You can find them practicing in private and in a variety of other locations such as medical centers and dental schools. Your child’s pediatrician can likely know of a dentist specializing in children, so he or she can help you find one. The internet is also a good source of finding any product or service, so you just go online and find a dentist near your home.

Every child needs proper dental care, to prevent any disease of the teeth and possible oral decay. When these diseases are not detected early or left untreated, these may cause serious pain and complications for your kid’s lifetime. Dental caries, for example, is an infectious disease which is more common today than hay fever or asthma. So call your child’s dentist now and promote his or her oral health.